Green Mountain Diapers, $2 billion acquisition by Amazon, wins approval from US government

Green Mountain, a diaper maker founded by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, said Tuesday it had been approved for an $8 billion acquisition from Amazon, the biggest tech deal in US history.

The acquisition, which Amazon said would create a company with a $2.6 billion market cap, would bring more than 2,000 jobs to the United States.

“We believe that Amazon will play a key role in providing our customers with quality, affordable, innovative products,” Green Mountain CEO Richard Gilder said in a statement.

Green Mountain also said it would hire 5,000 workers at its headquarters in Seattle.

The deal was announced on Tuesday by the Department of Labor, the Department for International Trade and the US Department of Commerce.

It is the largest tech deal ever in the country, with Amazon adding 3,300 jobs in January alone.

Green Mountains first announced the deal in March, saying it would build a factory in Seattle and eventually a second plant in San Francisco.

The company said in February that it was working on new technologies to create new diapers and was also planning to expand its workforce.