‘It’s the baby diaper’ in Melbourne’s most anticipated event

A baby diaper-wearing party has been held at the Melbourne International Airport, as people celebrate the arrival of baby Grovia.

The International Airport was evacuated during the early morning rush as authorities worked to find out what was causing a problem.

The airport was open on Thursday morning, but flights were cancelled and passengers were advised to arrive later in the morning.

Melbourne’s International Airport has been evacuated after a woman wearing a diaper-like costume was found.

“It’s not what I’d call a good fit, but we had a bit of fun with it and we think it was a good idea,” said Sydney resident Claire Bowers, who was there to support her daughter.

“I mean, it’s not the baby, but it’s nice to be able to have a little bit of freedom.”

The baby was found on Friday, just two days after Ms Bowers and her daughter travelled to Melbourne from Sydney to attend the International Women’s Day celebrations.

She said she was excited to be reunited with Grovia and her mother who were expecting their second child.

“She was just so happy to see her mum, and the baby was just really excited, so it was just nice to have her there,” Ms Bower said.

“They were all really excited about having her there.”

And it was such a lovely experience.

“Grovia is now two weeks old, and her mum said it was one of the most difficult days of her life.”

We were trying to find her to take her to a place to sleep, so she could just stay with her mum,” Ms Kallis said.

The two-week journey was also a reunion for Ms Bares and her family, who were travelling to the US for their wedding.”

The wedding was quite stressful for us, but that was our baby, so we wanted to make sure that we didn’t forget her,” Ms Rolley said.

She and her husband have two more children and are planning to take them to Australia for their birth.”

My husband is excited to see Grovia, but my kids are just happy to be going to school again,” Ms Tabor said.