‘The Cost of a Pound of Dirt’ by the New York Times

The New York Time has an exclusive cover story on the price of dirt, and the author, Elizabeth Loftus, talks about her book, “The Cost Of A Pound Of Dirt.”

Loftus says the price difference between an average home and a dirt farm has grown more than 20 percent since 2008.

She says she and her husband, the writer and former New York City sanitation worker Peter Cramer, were forced to move to the dirtiest part of the state, in an effort to save money.

She and Cramer said the move cost them a lot of money.

Loftus tells the story of how she became involved in the debate over the dirt price and how it impacted her family.

The author and her family lived in a small, rented house in East Brunswick, New Jersey, for six months in 2011.

In her first year, she says she used $1.50 per day to rent a space in a garbage can.

But in her second year, that amount dropped to $0.20 per day.

It was an easy decision, Loftus said, because she was saving $2,000 a month.

But the cost of living had gotten out of control.

After one year, Lofts mother moved out and her father stayed home, and she couldn’t afford to buy a house to be near the family.

Lofts family moved into a rental home in nearby Bergen County in 2013, where she and Cramers were living.

It wasn’t until 2015, when Lofts husband and co-author Peter Cramer became homeless, that Loftus started to see the dirt cost for herself.

Loft said the number of times she has driven past a dirt lot and noticed a dirt bag or two on the street has jumped about 70 percent since she and the Cramners moved into their new home.

She said the cost has gotten so high that it’s been difficult for her to pay the bills.

Loft is a former New Jersey legislator who worked on transportation, food service, and public safety and environmental policy.

Her book, which she co-wrote with a fellow New Jersey lawmaker, Michael Guglielmi, explores the issue of food waste.

The book is set in New Jersey and the United States.

You can learn more about the book at the bottom of this article.