‘It’s really tough’: Mom gets diaper bag, clothes bag, purse for her daughter’s 3rd birthday

A mother in Florida has just received a bag of diapers and clothes for her 4-year-old daughter’s first birthday party.

Daniyah Guevera, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, said she had to have the diapers shipped from Florida because she doesn’t have enough room to store them in her home.

Gueveras mom, Amanda Guevier, said it took about four months to get all the diapers.

Gauvera said she is very grateful for the generous donation.

She said she and her daughter were just overwhelmed.

Guitar playing with a child.

Dana Ritter/ABC NewsGuevier said she was so excited when she heard the gift.

She says she doesn\’t want to get rid of the diapers, but she does want to have a place to keep them.

Gues mother also plans to donate diapers to other families.

She has donated diapers to children in the Philippines, Mexico and Indonesia.