The future of diapers is a mom’s baby, according to a study

It’s not quite the end of diapers, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end for moms.

More diapers, more choices and even more diapers are coming to the masses.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics finds that moms are becoming more comfortable with having their own baby-friendly baby-sized cribs.

“We were surprised to see a significant decrease in the number of mothers using infant care products (ICPs) that include diapers, a trend that has been occurring since the first baby was born, but which has been largely absent for many women since,” study co-author Andrea Giesbrecht said.

“This decrease is likely due to the increasing use of infant-friendly products, including diaper rollers, baby wipes and wipes, in the US, and to more accessible and convenient infant care providers.”

It also points out that many moms are opting for disposable diapers, which can be more costly than the expensive, pre-washed brands.

The study, titled, “Dramatically Declining Dose of Pre-Exposure Infant Care Products in U.S. Moms,” found that the use of disposable diapers declined by 16 percent over the past decade.

Dads also started opting for diapers more than 10 years ago, but they are no longer the only ones.

This trend started about 10 years before the birth of a first baby, but the study notes that the shift in use of diapers also coincides with the rise of social media, which allows parents to share their experiences with their children.

“In recent years, parents have been sharing information with their child through social media.

As a result, the number and number of parents sharing with their baby has increased dramatically,” Giesbarth said.”

This trend suggests that parents are beginning to be more open to having more baby-like experiences.”

It’s the first study to compare the use and cost of infant care across all demographic groups, and the researchers were surprised at the results.

“The finding that disposable diapers have declined is particularly noteworthy given that these products have been the primary choice of moms for more than a decade,” Giedsbrecht told Business Insider.

“They’re becoming less and less expensive, and it’s important that parents make these decisions based on the health and comfort of their babies.”

It was also surprising that moms weren’t using more wipes.

“Wipes are an excellent alternative to diapers in terms of cost and convenience, and are a much safer alternative than pre-washing wipes,” she said.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Pittsburgh and the University at Buffalo, and was published in Pediatrics.