Why I’m a diaper-free girl

The day I decided I wanted to go diaper-less, I had my first ever diaper-friendly event.

I was wearing a diaper at the time, but it was too big to fit in my pocket.

The organizers didn’t seem to mind, so I was able to wear a pair of flip-flops, a shirt, and jeans for the day.

This was the first event I attended in the company of a few friends and co-workers.

I’d never really worn a diaper before, so it was a big moment for me, and a very positive one.

I had been so nervous that I didn’t know how to properly hold it, but I was actually happy that my friends and I had gotten to do something with it, because I’d been so hesitant about having my own.

A year later, I’m still going with the flow and wearing diapers.

I have no regrets about my decision.

My life has been better for it.

There are so many more ways I can live my life with less of a responsibility.

What’s your experience?

Tell us about your experiences with your own diaper change.