Costco Kirkland, Walmart Cut Their Prices For Large Duds

The retailer announced Thursday that it will cut its prices for large diapers by up to $1.00.

The change will take effect on April 1.

The company will also drop the price of large diapers for large infants by $1 per month starting April 1, and the price for larger babies by $2 per month beginning April 1 for children ages 3 through 12.

It said the new prices will be reflected in the retailer’s weekly price list and in its online store.

Costco said the price changes will also take effect in April for other types of large infant diapers, including diapers for infants younger than 2 and those that have a length of up to 4 inches.

The changes will be effective on April 2, the company said.

Walmart said it also reduced its prices in its diaper section.

The retailer said it would continue to offer a wide range of brands and sizes of diapers, and would offer a range of options for smaller infant diapers.

The store has already reduced the price by up or $1 for large, infant and newborn diapers and $1 or more for small diapers.