Mom, dog pee on newborn’s diaper

A mom and her dog pee in the diapers of a newborn girl who died last week after a botched diaper swap.

The girl, who was born with spina bifida, had a history of urinary tract infections, said her mother, Diapered Women, a nonprofit group that promotes the care and use of new diapers.

She was just a few months old, but the infection got so bad that she had to be hospitalized.

The girl’s mother was able to get a hold of her daughter’s doctor and was able take her to the hospital to get her tested.

The doctor said she had the most serious infection, but was in a stable condition, DIApered Women said.

The mom, who asked not to be named, said the girl’s doctor also told her that she needed to take a “super special” diaper change because the girl needed to wear a diaper at least twice a day.

The mother said the mom and the girl were about 10 minutes apart when the mom took her daughter to the diaper changing room.

The mom, her baby and her baby’s mother were all wearing diapers, the mom said.DIAperedWomen has been in touch with the family of the girl, which told the group that it was “saddened to hear of her death and saddened by her tragic death.”

“DiaperedWomen, like the parents of other babies, have lost a child who was a baby,” the group said in a statement.

Last week, DinaperedWomen posted an update on Facebook, saying the girl had been transferred to a different hospital after her emergency room doctor told them that the girl was in critical condition.

“The emergency room doctors told the parents that the child had a bacterial infection and that the hospital had a plan to take her in and treat her,” the organization said.

“The parents were devastated and overwhelmed by the loss of their precious baby.”