How to buy cheap diapers from Kroger

Kroger has announced free diapers for those who wish to purchase a new pair of diapers for $4.99 from April 5-7.

According to the company, customers who purchase a diaper will receive a complimentary gift card, which can be used for any Kroger product.

The free diapers will be available in a variety of colors, which will be selected based on the type of product being purchased.

Customers will also be able to select the color they prefer.

“Free diapers can make a big difference in your family’s finances.

Our family-friendly policy ensures that every baby has a quality diaper for every day of the week, year round,” said John Molloy, Kroger’s vice president of global brands and consumer experiences.

The company also says it will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of diapers to the United Way of Northern California.